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Bad Boys = Bad BreakUp

So last night I decided to dig out ‘The Breakup’ DVD, I’m a big fan of Vince Vaughan (even though I met him once and he was a bit of let-down) and I like Jennifer Anniston.  However I’ve been a bit slow to watch this movie because, to be honest I was scared to.  I heard that it was “so realistic” it would bring back bad memories of past breakups and basically force you back to a dark, dark place.

At the time of its official release I was in the middle of a bad breakup myself so didn’t really want to add fuel to my emotional fire.  When it was released on DVD I was dealing an unrelated but equally unpleasant breakup (my early twenties were a tad dramatic), so I was still not keen to tip myself any further nearer to the edge.

However, feeling at peace and not too effected by any male related trauma last night, I decided to take the plunge.  The acting was good and there was clearly chemistry between the pair (ahem), but the story I found a bit ridiculous.  Basically Gary, played by Vaughan was a rude, immature and unappreciative child.  Brooke (Anniston) was quite a catch; good-looking, generous, a decent cook and thoughtful.  I have no idea why she hooked up with Gary in the first place and why she was upset at the thought of losing him.  The scene when she arrives home from a civilized date to an orgy in their living room springs to mind.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m totally team Brooke because I’m a female, or if the character Gary was in fact a complete Neanderthal. I’ve never experienced any of the issues Brooke did with Gary. Am I so lucky that I’ve only ever dated nice guys?  Doubtful.  Anyway I must say I’m relieved that I couldn’t relate to anything that happened in the film and hopefully never will.  I’ve posted the picture of the night I met Vince, like Gary he wasn’t exactly ‘Prince Charming’.  But in his defence he did look pretty tired.


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